I think that over a month waiting for broadband, with no adequate feedback, poor customer service (hours on the phone, promised callbacks ignored...), and being given different stories at different times is simply not acceptable. If it's a matter of hiring more people and spending more money, well, then they should do that, I'm sure they're not broke. Otherwise don't claim you can offer this service.

Does anyone have ideas on what can be done to really put pressure on Sky? Complaining to the OFT? Some other watchdog? Media? Anything in the terms and conditions that is helpful?

I think unless this becomes an embarassing problem for Sky, they're going to stick to the same formula: tests tests tests, then blame the BT line, then say it's the exchange, with an indefinite timeline and no compensation (they even started charging me for the broadband I'm not getting). Surely that can't be acceptable in any industry.