A newbie here so please excuse if I'm asking anything thats obvious!

I'm moving house in a couple of weeks. The place I'm moving too currently has a BT phone line and ADSL (not sure of the ISP). Now when they leave they'll have the phone line cut off and I'll get it reactivated either later the same day or the next day, but on a new number.

Now, question is, am I likely to have problems ordering Sky BB with my new phone number? Whats the likely time between ordering Sky BB and it being activated? If I got the BT line reactivated on the Firday and then ordered Sky BB over the weekend, when am I likely to have it working?

Once I've flashed the Sky router with the netgear software, am I right in thinking its easy enough to get my user name and password allowing me to use any router I like? Is it possible to change the WEP/WPA settings without flashing?