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    One month in - My Evaluation So Far

    This is a discussion on One month in - My Evaluation So Far within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; It has now about just over two months since i took the plunge and decided to migrate from my old ...

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      One month in - My Evaluation So Far

      It has now about just over two months since i took the plunge and decided to migrate from my old ISP (Nildram) to Sky. I have actulally been connected for 1 month. Here is a summary of my experiences both pros and cons so far of the main users aspects, with a star rating out of 5, 5 being the best.

      The order and migration process went exactly as stated by Sky they kept me informed in the early days by email of the order progress. My connection occured before my disconnect and there was no downtime. (***** stars)

      The 3 or 4 times I have had to contact support - the phone has been answered within minutes and the first line staff have been polite and helpful if a little unkowledgeable about ADSL issues. (**** stars)

      The actual connection speed itself has been an inprovement on my MAX Adsl speed with Nildram. I am getting about 0.5 MB more download speed and a 50% increase in upload (***** stars)

      The browsing experience is a definite improvement on Nildram pages do load a little faster and i have not really been affected by the ongoing issue of unavialable sites. (***** stars)

      Reliability. I have had 2 instances where i have not had any connection. The first instance was a line fault that BT fixed, I lost a day on this, but it had nothing to do with sky. The second instance i lost connection for about 4 hours but was informed by sky when i called that they were working on a fault at the exchange. Apart from that the connection availablility has been just as good as any other ISP and award (**** stars)

      Email. Working with the most popular email clients outlook and express, the email works as it should. I have experieced no instances of email being down. Also address that are not available the email processor retries sending until it gives up. (***** stars)

      Price. I award (**** stars) not five because there is no web space and no newsgroups. Users needing these will have to pay extra elsewhere.

      Available extras and price: I award (*** stars) as the 108MB USB is a good price compared to high street prices at the moment. I would have awarded 5 stars if sky had offered a PCI alternative. USB is not a very stable link in any kind of adsl connectivity


      You guessed - the supplied router - this piece of equipment is quite deadful, I won't go into details as there are plenty on this site. (0) stars. We await a more widely reliable firmware version.

      Score out of a maximum possible of 45, I award sky 35 = 78%

      To put this into some kind of perspective, the same score for my old Nildram (highly rated ISP) connection would be:

      Score out of a maximum possible of 40 (they do not supply a router for migrations), I award Nildram 28 = 70%

      So based on my experieces to date, I have made the right choice.
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      I thought I'd add my evaluation to this as well, but I won't put stars.


      Migration - took place on the day it was meant to, but, see cons.

      Contact - phone always answered promptly and politely, but, see cons.

      Connection speed - much faster than my 1 meg with Pipex, up to 8 meg, but, see cons.

      Browsing speed - seems okay to me, but,see cons.

      Reliability - only had one outage, when there was a problem with the exchange.

      Email - I've had no problems with it at all.

      Price - saved 14.99 over cost of Pipex.


      Migration - as I said went as planned, shame the router didn't get delivered until 16 days after the migration.

      Contact - lack of information and lack of promised phonecalls made the period of no access very frustrating. Eventually had replies to my letters and emails.

      Connection speed - has varied greatly, from 8 meg down to 49k. Cap was reduced to 14 meg, which stablised the problem, but this was removed last week for some reasons. Still waiting for Tier 3 to contact me.

      Browsing speed - see above.

      Overall I think that I am glad I moved to Sky, but the frustration during the inital set up period made it a very difficult time for me.



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