I am now through the training period, I have replaced the master socket front with an ADSL Nation one and the exchange has increased my IP profile for the second time in 4 days.

My stats when I first started with SkyBB were:

Rec Sync - 3.2mbs
Noise Margin - 6db
BT IP Profile - 1.5mbs

They are now:

Rec Sync - 5.6mbs
Noise Margin - 13db
BT IP Profile - 3mbs

The 5mbs connection is stable (has been like that for 2 days now) and I suspect that my IP profile will be adjusting again on Tuesday / Wednesday but I do notice from the router logs that the noise margin starts off in the morning at about 13db and then slowly decreases throughout the day to about 7db and then starts again. Very strange

When the noise margin is down at around 7-8db I notice that the download speed I get is about 70% of the sync speed and when its up high, its closer to 98%.

Hope this info is of use to someone and if anyone has any idea as to why the noise margin fluctuates during the day I'm all ears