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    Intermittent internet connection.

    This is a discussion on Intermittent internet connection. within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; We've been having an issues connectiong to internet for a couple of weeks now. Initially the router would be unable ...

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      Intermittent internet connection.

      We've been having an issues connectiong to internet for a couple of weeks now.

      Initially the router would be unable to connect to the internet intermittently, there'd be patches of 1-2 hours especially when waking up in the morning that the internet wouldn't work. Resetting the router a few times seemed to get the connection working again but wasn't a sure fix, sometimes we just needed to wait. Now the internet isn't working 90% of the time.

      The 4th light on the router (Internet connection I think) would flash green for a short period before turning solid green. Around 5-10 seconds later it would totally go off. This seems to me like it's managing to connect but then the connection is being dropped.

      Sky engineers have said it's probably a line fault and are chasing BT for a fix who've said it's not a line fault. In the mean time we're left without the internet and e-mails which are our main form of communication.

      Given that the router seems to be making a connection and then losing it I believe it's more likely a fault in the router or what ever the lines connecting to at the other side.

      We have no problems with the phone system.

      Any ideas?

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      Re: Intermittent internet connection.

      Can you borrow a Sky router from a friend or take your to their home to see if it works there?

      Alternatively do you have a non-Sky router that you could connect up? You may wish to try the process described elsewhere in this forum that allows you to extract the login details from your router and set up your non-Sky router to see if you can use it instead.

      p.s. do not forget to swap the PSUs as well.

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      Re: Intermittent internet connection.

      I have the same issue and also have been advised it is a line problem. I don't think it is because I cannot connect my pc (wired) or laptop (wireless) to the router at all and a ping results in: Host Destination Unreachable (although I'm pinging

      I described this to the Sky technician and he was still adament it is a line issue. Surely if it was a line issue I should still be able to connect to my router or the ping would respond as normal?

      Interested to see if you get the same as me.



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