I received this same router as a replacement for the Netgear DG934G a few days ago. Since then I've created a thread where I was attempting to provide information on the router to help with supporting it. Sadly much of the thread appears to be more of a review.

I have reported on my experiences of the router and I have been comparing it with both the Sky Netgear and other routers I have used. Last night I got around to testing the video streaming issues and experienced some problems. In order to help clarify my findings and see if they are the same as yours, could you answer some of the following questions please?

Could you try connecting with an Ethernet cable to confirm whether the issue is only experienced on the WiFi?

Also can you confirm some of the following information:

How is your Sky Router situated? i.e. flat, on it side, using the stand (which side is uppermost?)

What WiFi signal strength is your computer reporting? (i.e. how many blimps or the %)

What is the WiFi connection speed reported by windows?

Are you doing anything else on you connection at the same time? (i.e. gaming, torrents)

Is there anyone else sharing your connection?