Hello - New to here & just posted in the wrong place first - re-posted here:

My router is Sagem 2304 not 2504 - Selection not available yet so I've selected 2504.....

Connection isn't live yet - should be on Monday.

At the moment I'm on Talk Talk using a Linksys router which allows me to translate PORTS as well as IPs like this using my own choice of port numbers to disguise open ports.......... (Using colon notation - IP:Port)

OuterIP:64020 => - ie web to inner IP 20
OuterIP:64021 => - ie web to inner IP 21
OuterIP:63021 => - ie telnet to same machine

So pointing a browser at MyHomeOuterIP:64021 (via DynDNS) gets me the web page at, telnetting to same IP port 63021 telnets to it etc etc....

Looking at the NAT etc settings on the Sagem it looks as though the port on the outside has to be the same as the port inside - only the IP is translated.

I've got quite a few such translations setup so I don't really want to change my whole network. If the sky router can't do this I'll have to put an internal router on a DMZ defined on the sky router then use this 'inner' router as the firewall.

Anyone know any different ? - does the latest Sky firmware push 'fix' this limitation ? Am I going to have to get my ADSL user / password ? Does the site that gves these from MAC / Wireless Key work for 2304s on the same button that says 2504 ?

Does Sky have to 'train' my line for 10 days with the Sagem before I can change to something better ?