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So I have a result it seems.

After having a rejig with the wires and playing with the master socket, I've decided that:
A) One of the sky microfilters is faulty (which gave me poor stats when testing the master socket). The second microfilter gave expected results.
B) The ADSL faceplate might not have been seated very well originally (or there was another issue that has magically been resolved).

The fact that I had 2 problems just conflated things.

So I called Mr Sky, and he uncapped me. There was a minor issue that I'm not the account holder (the landlord is), but I persuaded him that as I was ringing from the line in question, no account details were needed. During the call he bumped me up to:
16130kbps down,
27dB attenuation
7.1dB SNR

...which I'm happy with. Can't remember the upstream rates, a bit over 900kbps IIRC (I'm at work now).

I'll make sure things seem stable this evening. Thanks for all the help.
sounds like a pretty good result