Thanks for all the replay's... i will take it to heart and see what sky tells me when i want to switch over. I went through hell with UK-Online to get connected but the service after was Brilliant. I think it's just coz they got soooo much people wanting it at the moment they flooded with new joiners.
I would love the chance to get Sky

Having been on Plusnet and now on F2S i cant see anything any worse than what I have already had / received.

However F2S seem to have treated their customers a teeny weeny bit better that Plusnet.

Luckily a few people who do have problems, manage to sort them out, as they are technically competent. If like the vast majority of broadband users, a problem is detected, it all falls apart.

FAO Sky - Please sign me up - I would love to save 240.00 a year