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I would take it up with hp not sky

I have a crazy amount of devices on my lan

If your printer is crashing its a hp problem not a router problem

you might be better getting someone who's good with pc's and networking to take a look

My uncle got a hp wireless printer from tesco the other week
and its crazy the amount of crud hp install on your pc (2tb)
i spent 45 mins clearing out all the crudware
all that's needed is the drivers
problem is that HP will most likely say that their printer complies with all the network standards and they will happily point at the Sky custom firmware as the cause.

The white v1 netgears also had issues with UPNP as well.

Although I got a new HP printer and it's more like a small PC with all it's functionality, including sending emails with scans etc. plenty of things for it to possibly have a clash with.