Well folks im still having problems, so i decided to send sky a nice email!!!

Dear Sir/Madam

Well where do I start, we have had broadband
with yourselves for about 2 months now and have been having problems
ever since with intermittent disconnections, I have spent many hours
on the phone talking to various people, we asked to terminate the
service and we have been offered 6 months half price line rental as a
gesture of goodwill, but we still have the broadband problem, we have
had one visit by an open reach engineer and that didn’t cure the
problem, we have had the router plugged into the master test socket
and still the problem happens, we were then told and engineer was
going to look at the exchange, this we were told was done and no fault
was found,

I then rang back up and was told that an engineer was being sent back
to the house on the Saturday morning to investigate further, the
following day I received an sms from sky asking me to call them, this
I did and was horrified to discover that the engineers visit had been
cancelled and no one could tell me why!!.

Around a week later I rung back again to report the problem was still
there, I then rung back a few days ago to be told that there was a
fault at the exchange and that it had been fixed, guess what?? We
still have a problem.

I rung back last night and spoke to a guy who said he would get an
engineer out but that he had to wait for a Saturday slot to become
available as I can’t take anymore time off work, he said he would call
me back Monday /Tuesday next week.

Then this morning I had a missed call from your broadband solutions
team, I tried ringing them back 4 times and spent around an hour on
hold, eventually I got through to a lady (Tier 1) who said she
wouldn’t put me through to them as my router was no longer plugged in
to the master socket!! I tried to explain that I had already tried
that and that the problem was still there!!, I was very annoyed with
her but no matter what I said she wouldn’t put me through, she said
she would put a note on the system to say that I had called back and
that someone should ring me back after 4pm today, she also said that
they were not to leave a message if there was no answer and that they
should try and call again, she also said that they were not to send
any sms messages, yet 20 minutes ago I had one of those exact sms

We have also had nearly £7 of calls made to yourselves refunded as I
was not prepared to pay for these to sort out your problem.

As a new customer I find this whole situation totally unacceptable and
am appalled by the total lack of professionalism shown by your

I would be grateful if someone could contact me ASAP on 07534 @@@@@
to discuss this diabolical mess and hopefully get this fixed once and
for all, I am also looking for some kind of compensation for all my
time and energy wasted in trying to get this matter resolved.


Very very very annoyed