I never have praised support staff before because it's normally like trying to get blood out of a stone from them but since being with sky earlier this week and having to phone them a few times they have gone out of their way to get my line as fast as possible.

I was completely happy with my line yesterday and today I got a call off a support member who I spoke to 2 days ago asking if everything was ok. I said I thought it was great and he said he noticed some errors on the line and asked me to switch over micro filters. He then went on to get my speed even higher and when I mentioned I was a gamer he instantly set my delay from 16 to 8 and made sure that was stable.

I tested ping to bbc and jolt like I saw in another thread and since yesterday they have gone from 48 to 29.

I'm amazed.. They phoned me and I didn't even ask for it.

Thank you very much support staff if any of you are reading this.