Right i'll try and be brief. Basically we've had nothing but problems with Sky BB on the max package. The router sync was very intermittent over a period of a few months. I contacted Sky who sent the first open reach engineer. Now this engineer changed the faceplate the cable box coming into the house. Went to the cab at the top of the street to try and change our pairing. (By this point we'd also been given a new router which had no change)

Anothe phonecall to Sky/ second open reach engineer has just finished working on our line again.

now the main problem i could see with my stats where the upload sync was never higher than around the 64kbs mark. the download was around the 4.5mb mark and line attentuation was about 55db.

Second openreach engineer runs many tests once more finds no problems until luckily the internet cut out again. Went to the exchange and said he's put me on a better line.

Current stats.

ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 2496 kbps 608 kbps
Line Attenuation 63.5 db 31.5 db
Noise Margin 7.5 db 8.0 db

I explained my new stats to the engineer on the phone who said the job was only a 2 hour slot. He could revert it back to the old unstable line however cannot do anymore. He'd change one d-side fault and one e-side fault. Thats all he can do in 2 hours.

Now as i understand these stats my distance to the exchange must have actually increased when i was changed to a new 'more stable' line. Ive lost 2.5mb but do have my upload speed back.

What are now my options do i ring Sky and tell them i want my line changing back to the previous and the line worked on again.

Thanks for reading hopefully someone can come up with an idea.