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Few more troubleshooting steps:[*]Do you have the same problem no matter what large file you download, from any site (could it be Adobe download specific)?
Makes no difference where I download from, I have a new Sony Vaio, and it did it whilst downloading the 30 day CS5 trial. My mums other half has a new Aspire 8942G i7 and whilst he was downloading the Garmin updates, it did it again.

Plug the official Sky Sagem into the phone, disconnect any other routers, computers, etc and with a network cable connect the router to your test computer run your test again. This will rule out the wireless element (dodgy wireless card in the computer, interference etc) and that the non-Sky Belkin isn't confusing things.
It had this problem before I added the Belkin, but because I now have a new laptop, i'm redownloading programs etc from the internet and I'm noticing it much more now. There are no PCs plugged into the routers, we got rid of our desktop for 3 new laptops.

Have you tried the same Adobe download test on another computer in the house wireless/Ethernet – if the other computer is OK it’s a computer specific issue and nothing to do with the router/Sky?
The laptop I had before ( an old Fujitsu Siemens Li1718. ) had the same problem. I can almost definately say it's either the Sagem router or beyond.

When it hits 1.5mbps it will download at that for a few minutes, then I'll get a local only connection, and when I try to reconnect, it doesn't let me, so I have to cycle the router.