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    This is a discussion on 512kps within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; I had my Sky Broadband activated last Friday, also took a new sky talk line out aswell. I've only lived ...

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      0.5mb on Unlimited Package

      I had my Sky Broadband activated last Friday, also took a new sky talk line out aswell. I've only lived in the property for a few weeks.

      From the date they said the phone line will be activated, their was no dial tone, i waited a few extras days and still nothing, then the broadband activation day came and I decided to set up the router and plug it into the phone socket. I was confused as the router gained internet access and I could use it to surf, but at a very slow speed.

      I rang sky, who done line tests and said the line seemed fine, i tried another phone and also the test socket and still no dial tone.

      Anyway today a BT engineer come and rewired a new line direct from the pole, and fitted a new socket and theres a dial tone now. I hoped that this would improve my speed but it only has increased this by a little.

      I have checked the local exchange location, and i'm only a mile away, here's my modem stats.

      ADSL Firmware Version A2pB023o.d20h
      Modem Status PPP Server Down
      DownStream Connection Speed 511
      UpStream Connection Speed 606
      VPI 0
      VCI 38

      System Up Time: 0:29:17
      Port Status TxPkts RxPkts Collisions Tx B/s Rx B/s Up Time
      WAN PPPoA 823 1082 0 0 0 0:10:58
      LAN 15 0 0 0 0 0:29:17
      WLAN 8843 7304 0 0 0 0:28:49
      ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
      Connection Speed 511 kbps 606 kbps
      Line Attenuation 34.0 db 16.1 db
      Noise Margin 22.1 db 20.5 db

      I can see im getting around 0.5mb, I am on the Unlimited Plan, and have done speed tests on and that confirms the reported speeds at around 0.45mb.

      I know Sky do tests during the first 10 days to find out optimum speed for your line, but since Friday this is as good as its got.

      I have the Sagem router, its plugged into a filter then straight into the main wall socket. I have tried the test socket and its roughly the same speed.

      I am connected wirelessly but am in the same room as the router and have full signal.

      Any ideas would be greatfully appreciated.
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      Re: 512kps

      Looks like it's stopped, the SNR is high indicating the line is capped so call Sky and they can remove the cap. Might be worth trying your test socket assuming you have one, you should see 10-12Mbps (at a conservative guess) once sorted

      Useful Sticky: - How To Obtain Your Router Stats, BT Speed Test, Check For Test Socket



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