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    Connection Speeds

    This is a discussion on Connection Speeds within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Hey guys, new here. Just moved to Sky Broadband Unlimited. Wondering if you could help me out, the first 3 ...

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      Cool Connection Speeds

      Hey guys, new here. Just moved to Sky Broadband Unlimited.

      Wondering if you could help me out, the first 3 days of getting connected I was getting a speed of 3mbps down 0.3 up.

      Upon the 4th day it was 12-13mbps down 0.75 up which is great because my previous ISP I was only getting 6mbps.

      Don't mean to sound bitchy but my neibough was the one who recommended me Sky Broadband because we're in an ADSL2 area. My problem is that he's getting 16mbps down 1 up and has an attenuation of 28, where as i'm getting a attenuation of 34, also my speed has now dropped to 10mbps down. Seems strange to me.

      When I was with our previous provider i fitted the newest master socket which BT has to offer with the microfilter built in, there are no extensions fitted off it either, so it's basically just one socket comming into the house with splitter.

      I'm also using my own rj-11 cable, the one Belkin make (silver braided - top quality one) and i've tried skys cheap one but with no difference.

      So i'm now currently on 10mbps down, 0.945 up. Is there anyway to increase this? As I know my neibough is getting a better connection and he must be atleast 2ft nearer to the exchange, also the fact that originally I was getting between 12-13 down.

      p.s. i've also noticed my noise margin increase when it went from 12-13 down to 10 down.
      Also my ping seems quite high, it's usally around 70+ is there a way to get this reduced? As I do use my connection for Xbox Live.

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      Re: Connection Speeds

      First plug into your Test socket and post the stats from there,
      How to test your ADSL in the Master Socket

      Then we will see what can be done.


      Please note the views and recommendations in my posts are my own and in no way reflect the views of SkyUser.

      Useful Utilites TCPOptimiser /Test Socket

      Note - When downloading always select the Custom install or you will end up with stuff you don't want.

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      Re: Connection Speeds

      with your current SNR level you aren't gonna get any more speed. do you get any audible noise(crackling, pops etc) on your telephone line? post your stats up from test socket as Isitme suggested to see if the speed can be increased.

      sky can lower max delays to reduce your ping but it can result in a drop in speed



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