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    Can i be on SVBN?

    This is a discussion on Can i be on SVBN? within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Hi I re joined Sky 10 days ago on the unlimited package after 6 months with tiscali, I had previously ...

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      Can i be on SVBN?


      I re joined Sky 10 days ago on the unlimited package after 6 months with tiscali, I had previously had both BB and Talk Line rental with Sky. My downstream was previously about 3.5mb. I now only have Sky Talk Calls because im signed up to BT for 12months line rental, after Tiscali took over my line.

      Im in DLM, my stats before calling Sky today were;

      Downstream 3067000 Upstream 797000
      Attenuation 60
      SNR 6db

      These stats are from a Tiscali Speedstream 4101, I was using this because the Sky (Netgear) 934 didn’t arrive until 4 days after activation.

      Upon calling Sky the CST reset my line a few times and the end effect was the same downstream but a reduction in upstream to 414, she said to leave in DLM and wait 6 days and call back if it doesn’t increase past 3mb. In the speedstream log it shows connections (when she did line reset) at g.dmt and then ADSL 2+. She said that the SVBN team may need to look at it if the line doesn’t improve in DLM, at this point I didn’t know what SVBN was.

      Also, I do have a Billion 7402 with the Conexant Argon 432 chipset which I was planning to use to match the Sky/Easynet Conexant Globespan GGSN at my exchange - if I were connected to the old as I have no line rental with Sky, however the sync was no better regardless of using all the tweaks on here, gain etc, but what I did notice is that the 'CO Vendor Field said BDCM' which I assume is Broadcom rather than Globespan Conexant - this may point to me actually being on SVBN?

      After the call I put the Sky 934 in place of the speedstream, my stats are as follows;

      ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
      Connection Speed 3152 kbps 414 kbps
      Line Attenuation 59 db 39 db
      Noise Margin 7 db 15 db

      Can I be on SVBN without Sky Line Rental, or is this a mistake by the CST?

      Im going to wait until DLM completes, would anyone recommend me fitting my old Sky DG834GT in place of the 934 to improve sync and wifi performance?

      Im using a faceplate filter, no other extensions in use, an tests at the master test socket barely improve performance/atten figures so internal wiring should be ok.



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      Re: Can i be on SVBN?

      If you don't have line rental with Sky then you cannot be on SVBN (unless they have made a mistake and moved your line over during the installation).

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      Re: Can i be on SVBN?

      It looks like Sky have taken over your line. Have you had a look at your MySky page, Accounts and see what it says there. I think if you dial 150 you will get the BT message if you are on BT rental, I would think it will be different if you are on Sky.


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      Useful Utilites TCPOptimiser /Test Socket

      Note - When downloading always select the Custom install or you will end up with stuff you don't want.

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      Re: Can i be on SVBN?

      Your attenuation suggests you can't get more than 3Mbps-ish anyway - perhaps going back to gdmt will give you another 500kbps or so

      Useful Sticky: - How To Obtain Your Router Stats, BT Speed Test, Check For Test Socket



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