I have a HP C6380 wirelss printer linked to my Netgear Router provided by sky. The printer will not work wirelessly properly with the Sky Netgear Router. HP have given me a new printer, Sky have sent me a new Netgear Router - same problem. Printer is recognised but wont print. Plugged in my old AOL supplied white Netgear Router, and got wireless printing without any problems. Is there any way that i can configure my AOL router to work with internet access through Sky? SKY wont tell me, but they candidly say there is a way. If not, Is there any way of linking the two routers together? If i had a tether, i would now be at the end of it, and currently live at wits end. Any help would be greatfully received.

As an addition, Sky themselves are baffled by the problem, and cant offer any solutuion..