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    Poor Internet since moving to Sky

    This is a discussion on Poor Internet since moving to Sky within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Hey there, I've been scouting these forums a bit since I've been having some problems with the family router, and ...

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      Poor Internet since moving to Sky

      Hey there,

      I've been scouting these forums a bit since I've been having some problems with the family router, and I am now approaching the end of my tether.

      We were with BT pretty much since the release of their internet service, and for reasons which stray more towards the financial, we decided to talk to the Sky rep at our local county mall. He told us that Sky would do us alot better, as expected, and enamored with the idea of faster internet, my parents decided to go with it.

      It's been an absolute nightmare ever since. After browsing Youtube the night following the installation, I couldn't load anything, barely even the start page. I also play World of Warcraft from time to time, and going into any sort of populated area meant a lengthy and strenuous disconnection, and this repeated until it drove me to distraction. My parents phoned up Sky to ask what exactly was going on, and were greeted with a woman with a heavy accent who strained to understand us as much as we did her. After a while of trying to explain, she decided to hang up on us. Irritated, we phoned back and were greeted by another woman, who chatted with my parents for a bit. Making no headway, they passed her over to me (as I'm usually charged with sorting out any and all computer related issues in the house) and I explained the issues I was experiencing.

      30 minutes later she had 'trouble conducting a line test' and practically accused me of lieing when I said that I had closed all internet functions down on my laptop. Following this, the best piece of advice she could give me, and I quote, 'Don't go on the internet during peak hours sir'. Annoyed by such a useless response, we phoned back in the few days following and got equal resistance from customer service. They flat out refused to alter the line speed as the line tests kept returning 'flawless results' despite the fact I've just waited 14 seconds to load the page I'm typing on, and I'm peaking at a fantastic 30kpbs download speed.

      To summarise, I'm having real trouble with my internet speeds specifically from 3pm - 12pm GMT. Prior to that it seems to work ok with only a little bit of lag here and there, but other than that a workable speed. Multiple phone calls and internet browsing has turned up nothing useful, and I'm sort of at a wits end. We're on Sky Broadband Connect and seemingly Sky has predicted a 6MB DL speed maximum, yet I'm sure we hit much higher with BT. I've scanned the laptop inside out with AVG, McAfee and Spyware to see if its a problem at my end, but that's a wild goose chase as my parents laptops are experiencing the same issue as I am, and theres is in the same condition as mine.

      If I can give you any more info in exchange for any advice you can give, that would be very much appreciated. The issue combined with the poor customer service is really beginning to push my parents to switch back to BT.

      Edit - One phone line with the microfilter plugged in properly and the router attached to that, that's it. The lights on the router don't change when the internet is going exceptionally slow during peak hours, nor do they do anything different when the internet is working at a decent speed.


      Port Status TxPkts RxPkts Collisions Tx B/s Rx B/s Up Time
      WAN PPPoA 12341493 19497965 0 665 1866 321:45:30
      LAN 100M/Full 86519 0 0 6 0 413:54:18
      WLAN 11M/54M 28453896 17539692 0 1561 704 413:54:06

      Firmware Version V2.02.44

      ADSL Port

      MAC Address 00:24:b2:4b:63:83
      IP Address
      Network Type PPPoA
      IP Subnet Mask
      Gateway IP Address
      Domain Name Server

      LAN Port

      MAC Address 00:24:b2:4b:63:82
      IP Address
      DHCP On
      IP Subnet Mask


      ADSL Firmware Version
      Modem Status Connected
      DownStream Connection Speed 6848 kbps
      UpStream Connection Speed 448 kbps
      VPI 0
      VCI 38

      Wireless Port

      Name (SSID) SKY80207
      Region Europe
      Channel 3
      Wireless AP Enabled
      Broadcast Name Enabled


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      Re: Poor Internet since moving to Sky

      Hi there, mate. The problem you're having is with the sky connect package itself - it's traffic managed between peak times such as you've experienced. This thread has more detailed info regarding the ins and outs of the connect package.

      (Unofficial) FAQ - Sky Connect Users

      Put your post code into the following link and check whether you've got any LLU services in your exchange. If so, a move to an unthrottled LLU provider would be your best bet.

      SamKnows Broadband - Availability - Exchange Search

      Other than that, your sync speed looks fine - if you can post your detailed stats though (it's on the same page that you've pasted from, but click on the 'show statistics' bit). Do a speedtest on the following link and paste the results.

      Test Result

      Enter your phone number and click go. Then the username it prompts you for is the MAC address found on the bottom of your router (without the colons) and then add '@skydsl' on the end e.g. 001E948F940@skydsl and then click go again. Paste the results.

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      Re: Poor Internet since moving to Sky

      Sky Connect is one of the worst packages around as you have found out the hard way.

      The only option is to leave.



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