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    Strange technical problem - sky bb for free?

    This is a discussion on Strange technical problem - sky bb for free? within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; My tenant stopped paying for his BT line six months ago and BT canceled his line (the line was his, ...

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      Strange technical problem - sky bb for free?

      My tenant stopped paying for his BT line six months ago and BT canceled his line (the line was his, so that is not my problem). BT informed SKY (tenant's ISP) about the cancellation of the service. SKY scheduled the broadband at the property to be canceled on 25 December and, according to their customer service, the broadband service had been stopped. The problem is that my tenant still has SKY broadband and is happily using it, which I assume is illegal now. The only bill he receives now from SKY is for his TV package and not for broadband. So my tenant has SKY broadband free of charge.
      I am wondering when the actual connection will be stopped (SKY claims that the service was canceled couple of days ago). What worries me most is that because of my tenant using sky broadband illegally now, my future tenants will have problems with broadband connection as sky broadband is physically still connected to the property and it was used illegally before (i.e. by my current tenant).
      Also, this seems all foggy to me from a technical point of view. How is it possible that BT canceled the line (their tel. number is no longer available), sky canceled the broadband and the bloke can still download bucketfuls of torrents. Barring the ethical side of the above, how is it possible to use broadband for free and block it with his torrents?

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      Re: Strange technical problem - sky bb for free?

      I wouldn't worry about it too much, I've had free Sky broadband for the last 3 years! I have informed Sky at least 8 times that they are not billing me but it has fallen on deaf ears, so not my problem as far as I'm concerned. As long as they have been informed then you have done your bit.

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      Re: Strange technical problem - sky bb for free?

      BT haven't unjumpered the line at the exchange - as far as Sky are aware you've got no BB so you can try and tell them you have and see if you can get to CST (good luck) as they'd be able to get it removed but other than that it's Sky's fault...unless BT reassign the ties to another customer (meaning the connection on the pair currently will get removed) it's likely to continue...

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      Re: Strange technical problem - sky bb for free?

      If the BT line and the broadband was in the tenant's name, Sky will probably not even talk to him. We all know how difficult it can be if you are not the registered user and don't know the password and other details. If it was an LLU line, BT will probably not bother about moving the ties until Sky ask them to connect a new customer and they need the slot. As far as Sky are concerned, they have asked BT to disconnect and that is the end of it as far as they are concerned.

      I would not worry about it, except to count the silver when the tenant leaves.


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