Hi All

I've decided to use my old Belkin modem/router so that i can use the VPN i need to access from home as i've now found out that this can't really be done using the Sagem Modem/Router

I've followed the FAQ which most helpful except i'm still not connected. The Belkin router is telling me that i'm connected and gives the download and upload speeds that i get using the sagem. But cannot access the web etc.

Please bear with me as i'm not hugely up on this but do i have to use the MAC address from the Sagem router to connect or am I ok just simply keeping the existing MAC address on the Belkin router? (i can't find anywhere to change it in the belkin's settings).

I'm going to double check that i've got the correct username and passwords first using the helpful link and go from there.

Thank you in advance