was about to act on your suggestion and the phone went off in my hand haha, CST from sky, they are still looking into the fault and this guy seemed determined, "yeah what i thought, it is the line theres no question about it", he had me switch off the router while he ran some line tests and he said he was seeing a lot of "movement" on the line still, no idea what that really means... id put a guess at it really meang.. instablity lol, dropping off etc

I guess if they can fix this before i receive/sign any virgin contract, ill stay with them and accept credit on my next bill, if not... bye sky, go ahead send me a bill i will not pay, itd cost me 230 to cancel my contract right now and that is a debt i dont care to worry about, its not an enforceable one (under 750 and a court would tell them to gtfo of there), at worst i get a tiny bit of bad credit to my name and some letters saying they arent happy.