First post here but I been reading these forums for a while now

Hello, my internet speeds are stable and I get prety much a constantly good download and upload speed from my sky broadband.

Here are the current figures.

DownStream Connection Speed 19997 kbps
UpStream Connection Speed 1064 kbps

(Down) (Up)

Line Attenuation 20 db 8 db
Noise Margin 7 db 7 db

I was speaking to a person who claimed to work for BE broadband and he stated after I showed him the above stats that with be I would most likely be able to get very close to the full 24mb from them if I was to change.

He stated at very least I would get a few mb more on my download speed and a bit more upload too.

I am slightly tempted to take this step but will not make this desicion lightly as I am actualy quite happy with sky, but I would still like to see if I can actualy get more than I already am.

My last speed test on Top 10 Broadband » UK Broadband Speed Test - Test Broadband Speeds in Seconds & See Your StreetStats

done just a few moments ago this shows my download speed (the most important aspect for me) at 18.6mb

Would it be worth my while in phoning sky up and asking if they can increase my speed a bit more ?

Is it even possible going of my router statistics ?

Is the guy at BE talking crap or is it likely I would be able to get faster download speeds from BE ?

If I could get more or its felt I should at least contact sky and see what they can do, how should I go about it ? Would it be a good idea to mention my talks with BE ? (if the person I spoke too is actualy from BE that is)

Sorry for the list of questions, please advise and many thanks in advance for checking my topic.