hi guys im new to this forum i have this router ive had it since sky gave it me when i signed up im on sky broadband max and somtime soon i dunno when im going to replace this router with a new one as i do alot of downloading and stream movies to my 360 and then eventually il be getten a ps3 also im on adsl the way my setup is my main telephone box is downstairs on the wall and i have a extention going from that upstairs in my cupboard which is on another square box then the cable goes from that box into my router. does anyone know what the best router is to replace this sky one as its just junk for what i do online il be also streaming soon also does anyone know if i can replace it with a dual band router and if so which would you recommend i quite fancied the dlink 825 or 855 or even the 655 as long as it works with adsl il be fine i havent got a spare modem mind you it just connects to the main box downstairs be greatful cheers