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    Sky Upgrade

    This is a discussion on Sky Upgrade within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; I hope this is the correct forum to post this question, apologies if not. I received a letter off Sky ...

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      Sky Upgrade

      I hope this is the correct forum to post this question, apologies if not.
      I received a letter off Sky telling me I would be transferred to the new system about a month ago. I am on MAX by the way and have been for over 12 months with no problems at all.
      Anyway I logged on to the router today, which I don't do often, and noticed my upload speed had suddenly gone to 1058, yet my download is still the same. So just a couple of questions really:
      How come the Upstream increases significantky yet the download remains the same ?
      Does your line get put on DLM when they switch it over, and should they tell me when they are going to start it. The reason I ask this is cos I have rebooted the router a few times and I think you are not supposed to during the 'training' period.
      Another thing that is bothering me. When I log into 'My Sky' and check the Broadband account it says that when I signed up they wrote to me and my line should support between 10-20 meg. No, they didn't. That really doesn't bother me, but the fact they say that does, simply cos I only get between 5 and 6meg download.
      My stats at the moment are as follows:

      Mode: ADSL2+
      Channel: Fast
      Trellis: ON
      Line Status: No Defect
      Training Status: Showtime
      Down Up
      SNR (dB): 6.4 7.7
      Attn(dB): 45.0 25.2
      Pwr(dBm): 18.4 12.6
      Max(Kbps): 6368 1070
      Rate (Kbps): 5131 1058

      Any advice or opinions would be appreciated.

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      Re: Sky Upgrade

      How come the Upstream increases significantky yet the download remains the same ?
      Basically, you had noise margin to spare on your upstream but not on your downstream.
      Your are supposed to be advised when DLM is put on your line, unless you are upgrading from Mid, when it does not seem to happen. Check in your MySky page, it should tell you there whether your line is training, just beside where it gives you your estimated speed.

      I have seen Sky underestimating speeds, but not overestimating so badly. Have you tried plugging into the Test socket, link below. If you are using an extension, especially a plug in one, you could be loosing a lot of speed. I have seen an instance on the forum where a users attenuation dropped by 30dbs by plugging into the Test socket. Previously he had an extension plugged into an extension.


      Please note the views and recommendations in my posts are my own and in no way reflect the views of SkyUser.

      Useful Utilites TCPOptimiser /Test Socket

      Note - When downloading always select the Custom install or you will end up with stuff you don't want.



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