Thanks steve posted the letter yesterday and also last night finally got the KANA working so thought what the hey, filled it in too.
This afternoon I got a very nice e-mail from sky apologising for my broadband. They agreed to disconnect me with no penalty/ charges and also refunded all the money I had paid on my BB so far. Only downside is they said they disconnected me with immediate effect so might be without BB soon. Adsl24 is up and running on the 24th so a few days won't hurt
I must say after the frustration and disappointment of the last couple of months I am left happy with sky's overall handling of my problem. Still tried to sell me a crap service, but the customer/ tech support were, on the whole, as helpful as possible. In the end I think they were very fair offering a refund on top of letting me out of my contract with no quibble. Seems a strange thing to say, after all the Broadband problems I've had with sky,but I am a very satisfied customer