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i can guess it would be 90%+ bad *rant over for now*
Well that's a big leap.

The huge thread about connect started for people to post their speeds and experience, there were some people posting on the bad side of things but not as many as I expected.

Chances are that it is suited to more people’s usage than you may think, it also seems to vary in the levels of speed which I would imagine is as much to do with exchange contention as capacity.

The thread eventually became a place for a few people to post a number of speed tests throughout the day and evening and its size is by no means a level to use for peoples poor experiences on the connect package.

Also remember that on the most part, only people with problems tend to post on the forums, that is after all what it is here for, not many people who don't have a problem would bother searching for Sky Connect.

The easiest way to get an idea of people’s perceptions of the Connect package would be to see how many Connect customers Sky are losing each month, but I doubt they would release those figures.