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    Activated - but no Network Connection - Help!

    This is a discussion on Activated - but no Network Connection - Help! within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Posting on behalf of relatives who have gone for Sky BB ... The story so far... (& apologies for the ...

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      Activated - but no Network Connection - Help!

      Posting on behalf of relatives who have gone for Sky BB... The story so far...
      (& apologies for the long post - but all info. in one go...)...

      No previous BroadBand service. Sky router arrived on Thursday 7th Sept. Sky activation day was scheduled for Wednesday 13th. On 13th, phone went dead for a while - then came back, albeit with decreased volume and a degree of background noise.

      BT order tracking shows "Provide LLU LINE SHARE PSTN" completed on 13th.

      Router's green WAN/sync light on since 13th - but no Internet connection:

      Router "Logs" show:
      - Initialise LCP
      - LCP is allowed to come up
      - Initialise LCP
      - LCP is allowed to come up
      .... ad infinitum

      Router "Connection Status" window launched from Router Status page shows:
      - Connection time: 00:00:00
      - Connecting to server: Disconnect
      - Negotiation: LCP is allowed to come up

      Router "Show Statistics" window launched from the Router Status page shows:
      - Upstream/Connection Speed: 2336
      - Downstream/Connection Speed: 288
      - Upstream/Line Attenuation: 34
      - Downstream/Line Attenuation: 16.5
      - Upstream/Noise Margin: 21.3
      - Downstream/Noise Margin: 18

      Router's "Sky Test" button results in "Error 300".

      Multiple calls to Sky (including escalation to Level 3) have so far yielded no progress after nearly 2 weeks....

      So questions:
      - Anyone else had similar symptoms - and what was the fix?
      - Line stats (Noise/Attenuation) look really good - therefore not likely to be physical line issue?
      - Possible PAP/CHAP authentication problem?
      - My own BB is not via Sky - but in my ISP's forums, I understood that upstream speed for LLU's is usually above BT/IPStream's 448kbps - so surprised to see only 288kbps upstream - does this look right? (Other posts on this forum seem to suggest 766kbps is more "normal" - especially on lines with good noise/attenuation stats...)

      Any help that can assist pointing Sky support ( ) in the right direction would be appreciated....


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      Similar problem here

      It is three weeks since 'activation', and still no service. I have made phone calls every day (from me NEVER from SkyBB) for updates etc. I get a constant round of 'there are problems at the BT interchange', 'the router might be faulty, we'll send you a new one', 'is it connected up properly' and 'are you using the mainline connection in the house' none of which make a blind bit of difference.

      Despite not being terribly au fait with connectivity etc, the constant litany of being asked to reboot, reset, remain on hold, (not once has the green internet light come on) has improved my understanding of technical excuse-speak. Every other light on the bloomin' box has illuminated, but not the internet one.

      Letters have also been sent, but no replies received. Finally, on Saturday I received a new router...same problem. This NEVER happened with my previous ISP - the BT interchange was as good as gold

      I come to you Gods of Knowledge in search of a fix (not narcotic, although if the problem persists into week 4 I'll let you know!).

      I am currently at a friend's computer, which despite only having 1mb connectivity, is actually something I am salivating you can see please help...any suggestions gratefully received.

      Many thanks




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