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DLM will never improve your line, certainly to to exceed the speed of Mid. At the very best you may get 1mb but you would get that on Mid anyway.

Why don't you ask to downgrade as the speed is so poor anyway and ask about the contract?
True, Can't hurt to ask I suppose.
An extra 1mb would be most welcome considering my line length !
I know I'll never get anything to exceed the speed of Mid with the current config,
but getting the maximum the line can handle without an artifical cap would be nice.
I didn't want to get into another 12 month contract as I'm in Sheffield where apparently
a high-speed broadband ( forgot acronym ) trial is going to be run in most of the exchanges or street cabinets, can't remember which.
So I assume I'd need to be with a non-LLU ISP if this goes live. ( Probably BT! )