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    Master socket disconnected?

    This is a discussion on Master socket disconnected? within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; BT Openreach are responsible for the hardware side of your line. In an ideal world you would have an NTE5 ...

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      Re: Master socket disconnected?

      BT Openreach are responsible for the hardware side of your line.
      In an ideal world you would have an NTE5 linebox which is the demarcation point between your wiring and theirs.
      You have an older system where your wiring is hardwired into the master socket which is a bit of a grey area.

      I think I am right in saying ( I'm sure someone will put me right if not) that your first port of call would be your phone service provider (in your case Sky) who would then contact BT Openreach.
      From others postings on here their callout charge is 135.

      Alternatively you could get a local independent phone engineer to do the job.Whilst against BT's term and conditions provided a competent job is done they will be none the wiser.

      Thirdly you could DIY.From what you describe you already have all the hardware (apart from a filtered faceplate and you would have to get that in all cases) and would just need an IDC tool (less than 1) to make the connections.

      Thanks for the pics.
      You had already discovered that it was a master socket but our postings crossed.But it does confirm what I was thinking.

      What you can try in the short term is to remove the bell wires.These aren't needed when you are using filters.
      They unbalance the system and act as aerials introducing noise onto the line.
      Just remove the two orange/white wires from the '3' terminal on the master socket.
      You will also have to remove it from the 'new' master socket (or just operate it with the faceplate unplugged) as the bell capacitor in that will back feed from the ring wire that runs to it.

      It is not guaranteed to work but you should see an improvement.


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      Re: Master socket disconnected?

      None of the pictures you have posted are NTE5 boxes with an internal test socket. Removing the faceplates of these will make no difference as all the wiring is contained on the face plate. If the other sockets you mention are NTE5s and if they have a Test socket they will be, you could use one of these to replace the one you have established is the Master. The wire from the external line would be fixed to the A-B terminals of the NTE5 and the other wires put into the same numbered connectors on the faceplate. You would then have a working Test socket. All you need is an IDC tool which you can get from B & Q for a few pence.


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