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    No Sky BB in the Evening

    This is a discussion on No Sky BB in the Evening within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Hi all. Been busy trawling through the forums (really useful btw) but still can't find a clear answer as to ...

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      No Sky BB in the Evening

      Hi all.

      Been busy trawling through the forums (really useful btw) but still can't find a clear answer as to why, from 7pm onwards, I have no BB.

      It connects OK (sometimes takes a while to identify the server however), but it consantly times out when loading web pages. Speed seems a bit sluggish too. I rang Sky on Monday and they said that it's just like this at peak times because there's a lot of demand. This surprised me as I never had this (or any) problems with AOL before nor do i consider midnight to be a "peak time". Of course it was 2 minutes after hanging up that this dawned upon me

      PLEASE! Can anyone help? I do a lot of work from home in the evening and I'm totally stumped without it. Alas, despite my best efforts, I am not too technically minded and I therefore am WAY out of touch with 'puter jargon etc. Plain English would be greatly appreciated by this novice :-)


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      This seems to be a common problem - I suffer from this too.

      For some reason, some customers are finding that their line connection quality deteriorates after about 6-6:30 each evening. If you log in to your router you can see this happening (I know you said you're not technical - you don't need to do this). Some people are lucky enough to have such a good quality line that they have sufficient noise margin in hand to allow for this. I'm assuming you don't.

      When the "noise margin" as this is called drops below a certain figure, you'll lose your connection. When the line improves (probably after after about 10:00 maybe midnight) the router should reconnect again.

      There's a simple solution: When the connection drops, pull the power plug out of the router, leave it for a few sections and then plug it back in. After about 10 seconds the router will reconnect. You may find it happens again a little while later on. Just repeat the unplugging/replugging. After at most a few "reboots" of the router you'll be fine.

      What is happening each time you do this is that the router adapts to the new line conditions and connects at a slightly lower speed to compensate. However if the line is still deteriorating then the noise margin will again drop below a set level. Eventually, the line will starts improving (after 10:00 for me) but the router is still adapted to the lower noise margin.

      Once you have gone through this process leave the router plugged in. Once you turn it off you're back to square one.

      The following evening when the noise margin starts to drop your router is already set to cope with this so your connection should stay up. If the connection does drop again then unplug/replug until it stays up. Eventually through trial and error you'll have connected at the lowest point in this noise margin dip. You could of course log in to your router to see when this happens but as I said, its not necessary.

      No-one seems to know why some people are getting this problem. It could be something affecting the line, the router (firmware) itself or something wrong with the Sky network. I guess we'll find out one day.

      In the meantime, this "fix" works. The downside is that you will be connected at a lower speed than you "should" be. You'll probably not notice the difference unless you're a big downloader.

      Hope this helps.
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      hello Mr unregistered please register to save confusion.

      i have had this twice so far and i think it is due to a low SNR margin,

      what i do to to get it back up is just unplug the the ADSL wire from the BT box to your router then plug it back in, the router then reconects at a higher SNR then all is fine for the night, no need to reset the router or anything just pull the plug then put it back in
      "To help would be a great adventure"

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      Have you got any joy out of Sky CS?
      I'm almost dreading what nonsense they'll throw my way if I call them back.



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