I have just transferred my affections from Freeserve/Wanadoo/Orange to Sky, and with some alarms I seem now to have a stable and reasonably fast service (my exchange will only do 3MBs apparently, and I'm getting about 2.6MBs most of the time from my 5 Mid service - more than twice as fast as Orange for <25% of the cost). However, I am having problems accessing live video feeds from the BBC News and the ParliamentTV websites. I have downloaded the latest versions of Real Player and WMP11, and after following a prompt from Sky.com to install an Actve X control (whatever one of those is) I can watch Sky News live. But all I get on the BBC News 24, BBC Parliament, or the ParliamentTV sites is audio. Strangely, I can get the recorded output from all those sites normally, but not the live versions. It all worked fine on Orange, so I assume that the Sky installation has changed a setting somewhere. Any ideas?

(And I know it's sad to want to watch live Parliamentary debates and Committees, but when you're 68 that's what you end up doing!)