Considering making a move to Sky BB - all Sky Services are available, although at my distance from the exchange I suspect that the MID package may be more suitable than the MAX.

I'm currently on MaxDSL - here are some of my stats

Router syncs at around 7000 using interleave path
Down Attenuation = 48dB
Down SNR with MaxDSL is 6dB
Distance to exchange is 2270m (as crow flies) but I think I have seen a more accurate stat of just over 3000m
Typical tested download speed - 3.5Mbps

Sky have predicted 3.5Mbps
The DSLZone ADSL2+ predicts 6-10Mbps

If the Sky connection speed is no worse then I will be happy.

Just wondering for those of you who migrated from MaxDSL whether you saw an improvement, the same or worse?

Also, apart from the caps on download speed and quantity, is there any technical difference between the Mid and Max packages?