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    Is Sky broadband strangling itself?

    This is a discussion on Is Sky broadband strangling itself? within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Before I signed up for the Sky broadband Mid package in March, I checked what speed I could expect, given ...

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      Is Sky broadband strangling itself?

      Before I signed up for the Sky broadband Mid package in March, I checked what speed I could expect, given that I live about 2 km from my exchange (Prescot). I was pleased to find that potentially I should be able to achieve 8Mbps. After optimising my internal wiring and fitting a filtered faceplate, I found that whilst I could connect at 8Mbps in the daytime, the noise margin in the evening fell considerably, giving disconnection problems. I overcame this by setting the target noise margin higher (14 dB) using the Mognuts utility. This gave me a slower synch speed (about 6.5 Mbps) but it meant the noise margin stayed well clear of the danger zone throughout the evening. Since 6.5 Mbps was easily fast enough for my purposes I have been quite happy for the last few months. However one thing concerned me. Throughout this period I have been graphing my noise margin using the excellent RouterStats utility. I noticed that the evening fall in noise margin has been gradually increasing. I realised that if this trend continued I would eventually start to get problems again. Sure enough, the other evening my noise margin had reached the critical level, and I was starting to experience connection problems. I further increased the target noise margin, thus reducing the synch speed to 6 Mbps. Now everything is fine again, but for how long? It appears to me that as more and more new broadband users have been connected to the exchange,the reduction in the evening noise margin and indeed, noise in generalo, have been gradually getting worse. Is this just a local problem, or is it a widespread? Are connection problems going to escalate as more people take up broadband?
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      Re: Is Sky broadband strangling itself?

      its quite conceivable that that could happen - as more and more users sign up to BB then exchanges and, more importantly, phone lines are going to have to be upgraded to meet the demands....

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      Re: Is Sky broadband strangling itself?

      Mmmm, when I joined sky around a year ago they advertised a contention ratio of 1:30, everyone elses at the time was 1:50 making sky a more attractive proposition.
      I assume from the above that 1:30 is no longer the case and its now more like 1:makeasmuchmoneyaswecan



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