I phoned up on 2nd September to sign up for Sky Broadband, having already registered and got my code number, and I have a confirmation letter dated 2nd September to confirm the order. When I ordered I was told I'd have the router within about 5 days and I'd be switched over to Sky in 7-10 days.

Well 9 days later there is no sign of the router or any further communication from Sky about a migration date. Yet on the BT order tracking website there is a migration work order scheduled for 13th September and that was raised on the 9th. So I phoned up Sky to see what was happening and when I'd get the router because it looked to me like I get migrated in 2 days time.

This time I was told that they will not despatch the router until they get a confirmation from BT of the migration work in the exchange. But Sky can see the work order already in the system for Wednesday. I was told by Sky that it won't happen that quickly because BT are behind. So why did anyone bother to put a "fictitious" date of 13th Septmber on the system? I mean, why bother putting rubbish on the system at all?

So I am now concerned that I will end up with no service some time on Wednesday and Sky will not have sent me a router because they are following a "procedure" that apparently is different to the procedure when I signed up. I said I would be far from happy if I did lose my connection and had no router, and would seek compensation, but the Sky CS agent didn't seem at all fazed. He was quite happy that the date of the 13th is mythical and I will get the router despatched only when BT confirm the work order date. It all seems a very reactive way of doing things rather than proactive. I was trying to get ahead of the game but it seems Sky is happy to take chances. It all seems a bit silly to me. If it does all work out as the Sky guy said then I will have no complaints - I don't care when I get switched over - but I do not want to be left without a service.

So does anybody know what does trigger the despatch of a router - is it the placing or an order with Sky, the placing of a work order with BT, BT confirming a work order date (apprently not the same thing as having a work order on their system), or is it only when a customer phones to complain that they have no service and no router?

Thanks for listening.