I've had Sky broadband since it was initially made available. I'm a pretty heavy user, using it for gaming, media, and working from home. I've worked in both the IT and Telecoms industry and my father-in-law is a retired BT engineer, so I understand both how all this stuff works, but also that it's not perfect. I'm not looking for perfection, but I am looking for a realiable service that won't let me down.

Unfortunately, Sky has let me down many many times. Initiallly there was a problem with me getting random disconnections. My father-in-law tested my home phone connections and they all checked out. So after hours of trying to get hold of someone at Sky that knows what they are talking about (and it's not the ones who answer the phone from the Philipines or the West Indies) they slowed my speed from 8 to 6 Mbps. I was ok with a slightly slower speed, as long as it worked. That seemed to sort out the problem.

A few months later, and I started to get more random disconnects - this time I checked into the router admin panel and saw that I still had a DSL connection, but the PPOA information (IP and DNS) was gone - after a reset, it came back. This happened several times over a couple of weeks - and so I braved the hell that is Sky technical support (on hold for about 30-45 minutes to just speak to someone at lvl 3).

Even they couldn't figure it out, so it got bumped up even higher, and someone noticed that there was an incorrect setting at the exchange and I was getting about 9000 errors a minute! So, they changed the settings, ran some tests and it looked fine.

Until the next day - when I started to have a complete failure of my DSL connection - about 3-4 times a day, coupled with random PPOA failures, wierd DNS wipeouts and all kinds of pain (note - don't try and play poker online if your DSL is ****...)

This still hasn't been resolved and I'm getting a bit fed up. Sky is cheaper, and when it works, it's nice and fast - but it's sooooo unreliable and the people who know what they are talking about are incredibly hard to get hold of.

If anyone has any suggestions for how to resolve this, it would be much appreciated.