I've recently got Sky boradband installed and I've noticed an issue that I can't really figure out.

Every now and again when I use MYspace both explorer and firefox drop and won't connected to anything including the router. However the PC is stil connected to the router through outlook and is still sending and receiving emails.

It's not the router ports as I've tried different ports and also I have a laptop connected whcih runs fine with no issues. It seems that there's something installed on my machine that is having a conflict on SKy broadband brought on at time by accessing Myspace.

This build on the PC hasn't changed in a about a year, which in that time has been on BT broadband and cable broadband with none of these problems.

I've narrowed it down as I've said to the sky broadband causing a conflict with explorer and firefox due to simething installed on the machine whilst accessing Myspace.

This is cleared when rebooted. And the machine has had a complete re install of the operating system and drivers plus software in the last few weeks which hasn;t resolved the issue.