Hi Julian

I thought the UKO router was yours to keep because you were forced to pay 79.99 for it. Or have I got that wrong?

I was also wary of 'using' Zen like that - especially because they gave me such great advice on the LLU outbound migration process and have always been superb when I was with them previously. But I always recommend them to friends/people on other forums. At the end of the day it is a monthly contract so all you have to do is tell them that you only heard about SKY after you signed up to Zen, that the peak time speeds are better and that money is tight right now.

They have probably have dozens of people doing this now anyway - and Zen charge a little more than most so they probably budget for a few short-stay customers. Its not as if they are providing you with any kit anyway. And once you've tried Zen you will probably want to recommend them, so they won't lose out too much in the long run.