Hi All
Just done a speed test at DSL and recieved this warning message...

Warning: You connection shows signs of ISP upload compression

Any ideas as to its nature?

I have googled it and even the site it came off had no reference to it.

Had some more good news today...

Found out I'm actually on Sky max, and only getting 5.5 meg

When arranging the contract, I did ask the question as to the speed from the exchange. The lovely lady said 'we can see that your exchange will give you 16 meg and could go up to 20meg...' Called customer services today and found that since then, it has reduced to 4.4 meg. Why sell me the max package?
Why do they do this? do they enjoy the backlash? are the sado-masochists??
Or just after a quick buck?

Anyway, got it off my chest now Im stuck with it for 12 months