I have been on the Connect package for about 2 months and my set up is as follows :

Master socket > extension cable > microfilter > sky, landline and router for xbox 360. Pc upstairs connects to router wirelessly.

Now up until the weekend before last the set up worked fine (barring the odd niggle here and there) but since Sunday before last the internet light on my router is flashing orange every 20 seconds or so and I am getting Error Code 300 when logging into router.

Called Sky and told it's a line fault and will get call in days. Call again - told another 3 days. Call again - told to plug router into master socket - no change. Then told problem will be logged with BT. Call again in 2 days as yet again I do not get a call. Told tonight to plug into my test socket - the internet light turns green and internet works albeit a bit slow some of the pages. When plugging into master socket or back into extension cable still will not work.

Sky then tell me it is down to ME to call BT and get them to come out and look at the wiring of my master socket (even though they supposedly logged problem with BT previously and didnt even tell me what result of that was). I ask Sky why after 2 months it would just stop working and very predictably I am told probably because I am using an extension cable.

I called BT who said they are BT retail and I need to go back to Sky and demand THEY contact BT wholesale and get it sorted.

I am stuck in the middle here and also very angry that 1) Sky keep telling me I will get a call and I never do and 2) I have had no internet for 9 days until today. It is physically impossible to leave my router into the master socket and has to go into the extension cable behind the TV, phone and xbox. Sky have mentioned this extension cable excuse before and if I knew this would be an issue I would never have signed up. My last ISP worked fine with this set up with 20 more a month.

Can anyone offer any advice/solutions ? Please ?