I have the Sky router, a letter saying it will be live the 10th of this month (May) but as the order was not in the BT checker last week i phoned and was told the MAC was wrong.

So gave them a second MAC.

Now I got an email telling me the MAC is wrong (again) and to phone them.

May I add I placed an order for MAX as my exchange is now LLU

I phoned to be told the order would not go through the system, and that they did not want any further MAC, and to call in 5 working days.

Of course, no sign of any order through BT.

What am I supposed to do? Is my connection going to be off the 10th and would i find myself with no broadband at all?

Very concerned, feeling like to cancel the order, but I don't want to mess up things further than what they are already!