finally received an email and call back from sky yesterday confirming that i will receive a router by 9th september.
was bit concerned as this is obviously a saturday but someone posted on here confirming parceline deliver on a saturday so this made information sky gave me plausible.
i called parceline today and managed to get a very helpful and nice lady(sky take note!!) who checked my postcode and address and confirmed that they have a delivery for me due tomorrow.
only downside is i am at work tomorrow morning and going to watch football tomorrow afternoon and won't get a chance till later to get my broadband up and running.

i now have everything crossed hoping that i am going to get some good speeds and a good stable connection. i am 1.39km from exchange as the crow flies and but haven't been able to check my line stats as i have an older netgear modem/router that doesn't have an option to get these.