I`ve done nothing but sing the praises of Sky since I connected nearly 3 months ago. Rock solid connection and speeds around 4.5Mb which I consider good as I`m nearly 3km from exchange.
However, yesterday evening, I couldn`t keep a connection for more than 2-3 minutes. Today I`ve a seemingly solid connection but my speeds have dropped to 20-30k. I`ve done everything I can think of. I`ve run the usual spyware/trojan software, disabled my firewall, rebooted both the PC and the router on several occasions, I`m connected through ethernet not wireless and I have the router plugged directly into the master phone socket. I`ve tried another filter on that also. I have had no contact from Sky about this and my bandwidth usage is well below the 40G mark. I`m dreading having to go through the hell that is contacting customer support, so was just wondering if there`s anything I haven`t though of before I get tied up on the phone till bedtime.