Hi All,

I migrated over from Tiscali about 2 months ago now, and from the day of activation m my broadband (like others ) has not worked correctly.

1)on the day of connection, broadband was fine but for some reason no calls where coming in on my BT line, but we could make out going
2)Advised BT of the problem and the transferred all incoming calls to my mobile
3)BT rectified the problem about 2 weeks after , but then the broadband failed to correct
4) advised Sky that broadband no longer working, they pushed it up to Tier 3, about a week later broadband working again.
5)Phone & Broadband began working, however when you make a call, the broadband connection light turns off and i lose internet connection with the sky exchange
6)BT rang on Friday just gone, to say there was a problem still on the line, and that they had disconnected us from the sky equipment , because of a fault with sky's exchange equipment.
7) so back to square one, rang the Tech support guys at sky, to advise them of what BT had just said, the monkeys on the helpdesk (no offence to Monkeys intended) still run you through there check sheet, even when you say "stop & listen to what i have just said, I am no longer plugged in at your exchange"
8)Tech support have given me a tier 2 ticket
9)i'm seriously p155ed off with it all, and being piggy in the middle between sky & BT.

anyone got any ideas on how to resolve this?