Today has to be the worst ever, poor service drop outs about every 20 mins, its a joke.
When i first signed the first thing i asked was about gaming and thats a disgrace but i was reasured it was great for gaming.
All credit to this site i have read the UPnP bug ive tried mtu ect nothing more i can do.
what really gets me is night after night day after day i read the same problems time after time.
What the hell are sky doing to fix the problems apart from charging people to phone them, then the same old rubbish old teir 1 ect.
Come on sky look at the problems, when i signed you promised me a good service with your sales talk, ive yet to witness that yet.
What i do see on this website is the same questions the same problems and nothing from YOU, PLEASE GET A GRIP.
Sorry for ranting on here but thats the way it is poor service and ive got 7 months left of it