Just a further update and this will be relevent for anyone moving from Connect to Max. Although I mentioned making some improvement to the wiring it had only a small positive effect. However over the course of three days my speed crept up and I am now getting about 5100kbs down (with a 6200kbs synch) and about 630 kbs up. See stats

thinkbroadband :: Broadband Speed Test

So seems that there must be some kind of training period even on an LLU connection.

So all all is well. Except I just got my bill today and they've changed my billing from Connect at 5 to Connect at 17!!. I've been in touch and it seems that I am on Max but somehow the billing system or the advisor put me back to Connect. Unfortunately I needed to talk to Customer services to sort it and the provisioning person I spoke to said there was a 30 min wait, so advised me to call in the afternoon when it's quieter. Anyway just a mild irritation , otherwise very happy.