As a CSS player in ED, SGL and CAL, when I first got Sky BB and realised I was getting pings regularly in the 70+ category I was disappointed. I chased tier 3 and after a few weeks of being told "we don't do that" I managed to talk to a very helpful guy (I won't divulge his name as others have, I want the guy to keep his job).

We discussed my line and the fact that my 3.57km line had 63.5dB of attenuation on it. He said I should expect <40dB on a line like that. He said because of this poor quality, putting me on fastpath would cause problems with people around me, which is fair enough. We decided I should go to BT and see what is causing such high attenuation (I'm waiting on their line test to run now). Hopefully the line drop is faulty and I can get it replaced. I asked whether I could have be put on fastpath if I got my line down to the 40dB level and he said "most certainly". Progress I feel.

If I can get my line sorted and then persuade the guy to put me on fastpath then, for the money, SkyBB would be an excellent BB package.