My Sky modem arrived today and thanks to the forum, I quickly extracted my username and password and ran up a connection on my DM111P. Everything is working fine. I even managed to upgrade my Firewall firmware, without destroying it!! A nerve wracking process. Last time I tried that, I had to go out and buy a new Firewall. Anyway, thanks to the forum, everything is working fine. I now have two broadband services, managed by the Firewall!! Sky 2Mb and NTL 4Mb. I can tell you mind that the NTL service kicks the Sky to touch, but then it would. I am 100 yards away from the NTL box, and 4 miles away from the BT exchange. You really notice the difference when you download a large file, but for normal browsing, you do not really notice much of a difference. What is truly amazing, though, is that I started on this forum session on NTL and just pulled the plug half way through writing this, and continued on the Sky!! Ha ha! Great. That is exactly what the dual broadband interface was for - backup. I work on the Net these days, so I can't survive without a connection!!