Hi all -

Signed up for Sky BB, and only after that did I find this site.....waited with baited breath for everything to work OK, so here's how things have gone

Moved from BT Broadband to Sky BB.
* BT turned off the line about 9:20 this morning
* Sky Line on about 11:30

I'm signed up to Max but the maximum speed I get is about 4.5Mb
Sky Broadband has kept dropping on and off throughout the day

I hacked my old BT router and got the Sky password out of the Netgear, even if it doesn't stop the line dropping issues. it's always good to have a backup router. The only thing is my BT is only 54g

So here's my list of things that people should do/think about when changing to Sky BB
  • Keep your old router, if you have one, and unlock it - search the forums for the clues to get your router working with SkyBB
  • If your line keeps dropping try your old router - it is not necessarily the broadband line/BT/Sky/Old provider - more than likely it's just the crap Netgear router that you're locked into.
  • Be aware that 54g wireless speeds will never be as fast as the ethernet speeds - wireless is convenient but comes at a cost.
  • If needs be either get a new router, or a Wireless AP and plug it directly into the back of the Sky Router if you don't want to mess with the router itself.
  • If you can, get a speed test/line check from BT before you switch, so if you have to contact Sky TS, you've already done that part (for current BT Broadband users see Test Result)
  • If you have problems with wireless check that you don't have the problems using the direct connection through the yellow ethernet cable.
  • If you do have another router, and you have problems, use the old router to determine whether the problem is from the router.....There is no point in waiting three weeks while sky and BT (and possibly your old provider) go over the same things time and time again - if it's the router, use your old one, and send the Sky one back and get another
  • The more you can rule out before you get to TS the shorter the time will be before you get your bb working properly - i.e. try and rule out line speed and the router and you'll get rid of a whole load of hassle later on
  • Your old provider can, and probably will, drag it's heels on letting you go, after all the Sky promotion is probably better in terms of price than theirs which means they have very little to bargain with in order to keep you, so when you leave, they may make things hard, not just for you, but for Sky as well

Hope this helps some folks