Hi folks,

First thread so be gentle haha

I moved house before christmas so i thought, great, my release from AOL BB has come so i switched to Sky. I didn't need to go through the usual MAC code rubbish cause i was setting up a new line so it all went relatively smoothly. This was the easy part.

I installed Sky BB little after new year with nice initial reports, it was quicker than AOL, but only because i had an increase on my line to 4.5Mb from 2Mb. I opted for the Max package because i was paying 29.99 for AOL and now i cut it to 10.00 so i still saved money, however, this change was to see me being disconnected quite regularly to the point of sheer frustration.

Because i am an IT support person, i know only too well that in order to diagnose, you need a full explanation of the facts so i gathered an average of speed tests over 1 week all from the same server and at the same time. my average was 2.7Mb, bearing in mind my line is capable of 4.5Mb, i knew something wasnt quite right.

Last night i phoned Sky BB Customer Services and had an honest but to the point discussion on my constant cut off and lack of speed, and how i was within the range to recieve the maximum speed that my line has been rated at. The agent asked me a couple of the usual questions and gave me a ticket number for tier 3 support.

I shall wait for their response and post with any fixes or tips i might receive so watch this space.

I have my own theory on why Sky has such a poor service on BB and i know they are not alone with complaints from their users, however, i have written enough for now, you can officially have your eyes back